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best wood for a fence


In Virginia, cedar wood and pressure-treated pine are two of our top-selling residential fence types this time of year. Eighty percent of all wood fencing is composed of either pine or cedar wood. Below are various residential fence solutions available throughout the United States.

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Cedar is a much desired wood among people looking to build fences. Cedar is known most famously for its lovely smell. The scent, along with the incredibly sturdy quality of the wood, is a desirable piece for fences. To have a Cedar fence is to have something which truly attracts the best elements of a neighborhood.

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Selecting a Grade. When choosing a wood grade for your fence, it is best to pick from construction, select, premium or clear grade wood. These are of better quality than standard, better or quality grade wood, which are cheaper but have imperfections and knots that tarnish the look of your fence and make it easier for rot and insects to impose.

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All About Wood Fences. Home centers tend to have the best prices; fence suppliers usually have better quality woods and the biggest selection of designs.

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If you do need privacy, wooden fences tend to work best, although vinyl fencing is sometimes another viable option, says Jennifer Pechanec, a manager with Chesapeake Custom Builders in Chesapeake, Virginia. However, with certain vinyl fences, panels may be too far apart to provide enough privacy, she says.

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A fence can improve your home's curb appeal,. For warmer, damper climates, vinyl is your best material choice, as wood is susceptible to water damage. 9 of 11.

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When you’re shopping for the best wood fences in Austin, it helps to know a bit about the product. Sure, you know the functionality of a fence, but do you know the.

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The Best Wood to use in a Wood Fence. According to the International Association of Certified Home Builders, a wood fence has an approximate lifespan of about 20 years with regular maintenance. A fence’s life expectancy can be increased significantly if you pay up for a high-quality wood.

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Cedar and Red Wood - This is the best wood for fencing in or around your house as it is beautiful and has a longer life. But because it is high in demand, it more expensive as well.